Photos of late

Practicing writing numbers

Built a caterpillar out of a cardboard egg carton

Guess who's got tiger costumes

Checking out a stick bug who was hanging out on the bench-leg in the morning

Over and out

Showing me the figures he's banged together with wooden shapes and nails

Drawing. Drawing. Drawing. (The butterfly on the right, by the way, The Kid did all on his own.)

The apple tree is blossoming

Currants are in (white, red and black), and so are strawberry plants. Potatoes are coming up in the corner-patch, behind them is a row of garlic. In the greenhouse a whole plethora of things are happening. In the evenings birds ruffle through peastraw and steal bunches of it, flying away - I assume - to build their nests with it.

Backyard in the evening light

It's obvious there are children living in this house looking at the condition of window glass. Handprints EVERYWHERE.

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