Fixing up a greenhouse

When we first viewed and then bought the house, the greenhouse wasn't much to look at.

It was one of those "looks like it used to be used well, but hasn't for a while now" things (that this house has no shortage of). There was rubbish, broken glass, a pickaxe, toys, a young tree - a variety of things, basically.

Apart from clearing it out, we hadn't done much to it. The structure was salvageable, but the effort and time it would've required to fix the thing was simply not... compatible with my school hours, The Man's work hours and just life in general.

That is, until this week.


If left to my own devices, I wouldn't have done it this year. I would've left it another year and then properly re-clad with new plastic, built in raised beds, set up irrigation and made it to last years.

Done once, done well.

Fortunately/unfortunately, that's not how The Man operates :)

He, a passionate planter and harvester of things - even if not the weeder and the waterer in-between ;) - planted a plethora of seeds in ice cream containers on our kitchen top, and it got to a point where pumpkin plants were spreading their roots and kale was about to fall over due to its weight. He knew that garden boxes were not ready (eventually we will have them set up in front of the house), but he really wanted to plant things, and so we, basically, got to a point where last week when my school holidays started, I just got myself organised and fixed up a greenhouse.

It's very basic. Temporary, even.

For example, where plastic panes had broken away from the greenhouse, the nail-holes were ripped.

It was one of the reasons I hadn't wanted to fix up the greenhouse to begin with. I knew that plastic edges like that would've made the panes likely to rip again - and there wasn't enough plastic overhang to "stretch" it.

Then, amidst the very real need of having to find somewhere to put The Man's plants, I came up with an idea.

I reinforced all broken edges with tape...

... and then fixed the panes through both plastic and tape.

Inside, kind of the same thing: not wanting to spend time/energy on building wooden edges for raised beds if I was going to re-do the whole greenhouse down the line, anyway, I came up with a semi-temporary solution. I gathered up a bunch of bricks to make a walking area, and built up raised planting-areas along the perimeter of the greenhouse.

The result of all that is, as much as it is a very, very basic approach to fixing up a broken greenhouse, for now, it'll do. I spent about $20 on a couple of bags of compost and planting mix, but everything else was free. A roll of tape I already had at home, the nails I re-used, same for framing - I made do with what we already had.

And the result of all that is: The Man is a happy man. He actually said today, when emerging from his planting spree where together with our kids they planted tomatoes, carrots, beetroot, kale etc, that it feels more like home when there are things tied into the ground here.

Gradually, bit by bit, it will become more and more like our home - and if fixing up a greenhouse, albeit somewhat "temporarily" and on the cheap, got him closer to feeling it, it'll do.


  1. vanaema ja vanaisa vaatavad sealt kuskilt ja on kindlasti väga rahul, et Maria nii tubli aednik on!!! Edu!

  2. Kasvuhooned on nii ägedad :) Ma loodan, et blogisse tuleb palju taimede kasvu kajastavaid pilte.

    1. Kui ma praegu fotosid teeks, siis arvatavasti tuleks hästi palju fotosid umbrohu kohta ;).

      Sest kuna see muld seal kasvuhoones ei ole "uus" ja ta on selline... aastaid niisama seisnud umbrohu-seemneid-täis muld, siis kohe, kui ma panin komposti-mulda peale (ooo, toitained!) ja hakkasin kastma (ooo, vesi!), siis sealt tuleb ikka VÄGA paksult umbrohtu praegu. Ja kuna praegu on meie seemnetena mulda pandud taimed alles pisikesed, siis ma ei oska vahet teha, mis on porgandi 2 cm kõrgune jupats ja mis on umbrohu 2 cm kõrgune jupats.

      Nii et hetkel ma rohin neid alasid, kus ma tean raudselt, et me midagi ei istutanud - ja ülejäänul lasen kasvada, lootes, et kui taimed suuremaks saavad, siis ma hakkan vahet tegema, mis on umbrohi ja mis on "päris" taim :)