Feeling a little sad

I do not enjoy making statements like that, but...

The people who still deny climate change and focus on 1) financial development and 2) environment-damaging technologies instead, I wonder if now that storms are getting stronger, droughts longer, wildfires larger and the world just steadily more un-insurable, if even they are finally going to catch on to the fact.

I wish it was possible for me to ignore the current American president, but if I intend on hearing at least some of the news and keeping on listening to interesting interviews on Radio New Zealand, it's a simple fact of life that I will keep hearing the moronic statements of this person who is... many things, but smart, focused, generous or likable are not among them.

I feel a little bit like a New Zealand housewife of a First or a Second World War. That while the world is in turmoil and a barrage of carnage is happening abroad, I'm tucked away in a relative safety of the back-benches, taking care of my family, my home, keeping the life going whilst loud arrogant men argue over their self-importance.

But, the thing is, the biggest impact I can make, I feel, is within my family and my hometown. I will continue educating my children, being involved in my school, speaking up at the council, helping when I can, voting, just... trying to be nice to people, and slowly being part of that quiet flow of life that actually keeps life going, whilst arrogant men will continue arguing over their self-importance.

It doesn't come naturally to me, but I'm learning.

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