When milestones arrive sooner, and then it kind of throws the entire system

Another morning at the hospital: orthotist casted The Kid's foot so he can make us a new ankle brace, and then we just chilled out in the paediatric department play area I've written about before.

But the reason I'm actually writing about it is this:

The Kid chose a new brace design. It's a right we celebrate: wearing clothes/footwear he is proud of is part of being a strong, individual person. We do argue when choices are not weather-appropriate, but generally what he wears is his own choice - and I just exercise my parental power at the point of buying clothes ;)

But nevertheless, his choice totally threw me. For a while, I sat there with a grin on my face, unsure whether to laugh or not.

Because he chose skulls.

I mean, I knew that design was probably going to come our way one day - but I did not expect that it would be at 6 years old. Ten, maybe. Even thirteen?

But not six.

Nevertheless, this is what he chose and it's his right I will continue to celebrate. Even if it means that, in my head, I need to re-evaluate some other milestones that'll be coming our way, because seeing this come today made me think, "Ukoh! What else will be coming sooner than I expect it to?"

Parental life is an exciting one, isn't it.

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