The things I learn

It's funny sometimes, doing homework.

I'm writing out another assignment on the various ways a building material can fail - this time glass - and in the process I came across descriptions of a skyscraper called 'Walkie-Talkie' in London.

Ever heard of it?

Up until today, I hadn't. But now that I have, I have laughed out loud on several occasions, learning about it. An excerpt from my file:



It was, basically, a building which focused the sun's rays onto the street below at such an intensity that, at peak times, it was about 6 times stronger than direct sunlight.

A journalist who brought along a frying pan cooked an egg on the pavement.
A man left his Jaguar on a street nearby and came back an hour later to find the side mirrors melted.
A barbershop had its doormat catch light, spontaneously.

Even funnier thing is, the very same architect designed a curved building in Las Vegas which had the same problem: gathering sunlight in a tight spot nearby, dubbed by locals "the death ray".

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  1. Mu kontor on täpselt Walkie Talkie kõrval. Seda Jaaguari lugu teadis-itsitas enamik Londonist juba ammu. :)

    Muuseas, Walkie Talkie tipus on 360 degree view Sky Garden üleval (indoor not outdoor) ja sinna saab päevasel ajal täitsa tasuta minna, peab ainult ette broneeringu tegema. Soovitan. :)