On sketching

At the moment, the house is in a very similar condition to when we bought it in March. Yes, the backyard no longer looks overgrown, but the house itself hasn't changed much because the changes we've made are mostly "invisible": insulation, removal of mould, putting in an attic hatch etc.

The reasons for that are many, but mostly it's to do with lack of time: I spend long hours on schoolwork, The Man works, Saturdays I work, too, and the spare time we do have together, we try to spend it relaxing and enjoying ourselves, so as much as it'd be cool to do more house stuff... at the moment the priorities are different.

However, there's a silver lining: it means that we get to plan slowly and calmly. We don't rush into renovation or restoration, and we get to think and then re-think a lot of the ideas we come up with.

Part of my study involves learning to sketch well. By sketching, I don't mean just "proper" architectural sketching (where I sit behind a table with rulers and good pencils - although next year I'll do that, too) - I mean sketching on the go where I jot down quick, hand-drawn lines to explain an idea to someone, or try to figure out on my own if something I want to do will work.

In the future, it'll be a skill I will most likely need as I move around construction sites, discussing things with builders and architects and project managers, needing to grab a pen and quickly sketch down a diagram on the back of a business card or a restaurant flyer or whatever.

Basically, I need to know how to jot something down quickly, with very basic lines, and have confidence in my ability to explain my ideas through drawings.

And the reason I am telling you about it is that... I sketch our house a lot.

In spare moments of my days - arriving to class 5 minutes early, sitting in the library waiting for my kids, having lunch, whatever - I take out a notepad and sketch.

I visualise what garden beds in front of the house would look like.

I think about built-in shelving we'll put up once we take down chimneys and fireplaces in all three bedrooms.

I think about how to set up the laundry.

I plan the kitchen.

When I show The Man these sketches, it's much easier to discuss things with him: we know that we talk about the same things, and it helps him visualise, too.

And to me... it helps both to plan the house, but also to do schoolwork well.



  1. Kas sa pliidi asukohta saad muuta? Käisin külas peres, kus oli analoogne ukse-pliidi paigutus ja ema ütles, et see oli sajandi kõige halvem mõte. Lihtsalt liiga ohtlik.

    Rebane (see koertega)

    1. Uksest on ikka hooga liikumist + palju liikumist just suvel + tuuletõmme ja pliidil kuumad asjad.

    2. Polnud selle peale tulnud - aitäh mainimast, nüüd saab selle üle mõelda ja uurida :)

      Üldse see ukse kööki panemine on selline... lahtine asi. Esialgu ei plaaninud - tööpind pidi tulema lihtne, L-tähe kujuline, ilma ukseavata vahepeal. Aga siis me hakkasime arutama tualeti paigutust: et kuna ta on köögi taga, kaks uksevahet köögist eemal (nagu Uus-Meremaa seadus nõuab - vähemasti kaks ust peab vahel olema), siis kui lapsed on tagaõues mängimas ja keegi tahab tualetti minna, siis nad peavad tulema elutoa kaudu: veranda -> elutuba -> köök -> pesuruum -> tualett.

      Hakkasime mõtlema alternatiive. Kui panna uks otse kööki (hetkel on seal maja tagauks, nii et seina ei peaks lõhkuma - saaks ukse otse sinna panna, kus praegugi maja tagauks on), siis inimesed saaks köögi kaudu tualetti minna.

      Tualeti liigutamine... ei tundu väga hea alternatiiv - kanalisatsioonitorude vedamine on tükk tööd, ja meil on väga madala põrandaga maja. Tualetti samasse ruumi, kus dušš on, ka panna ei taha - neljaliikmelises peres kasutatakse dušši üsna palju, ja kui inimesed peaks alati ootama, et keegi pesemise lõpetab, enne kui tualetti saab minna...

      Oleme arutanud tagaukse panemist maja tahaotsa, et õuest saaks tulla pesuruum -> tualett, aga siis on ruumipaigutusega tükk tööd.

      Igatahes, mõtleme sel teemal :)

  2. Wow - you're really good at this! Well impressive. :)

    1. Thanks, babe. I dare to disagree with you at this stage (not well impressive yet :)), but I'm working on it. Getting there :)