Girls' life versus boys' life

A quick post before I run off to do other stuff.

I don't know if you've heard, but awhile ago there was an interesting discussion over gender stereotypes on Basically, someone went into a US library and noticed two magazines side-by-side on the shelf:

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They took a photo of them and uploaded it on the internet for other people to see. (The one on the left is marketed for teenage girls, the other for teenage boys.)

Notice a certain... pattern? Apparently, lots of people have, and have been appalled by it. Going by the two magazines the girls' job is to look pretty and the boys' is to explore the world.

(The full article is at

A graphic designer named Katherine Young was one of the people who saw the image and she felt as appalled as many others before her. She quickly whipped up a version of what she thought Girls' Life cover should look like instead and sent it to the magazine.

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The contrast is impressive and, again, I know which magazine I'd prefer to read.

(The full article of the re-do version is at

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