That just backfired

A couple of days ago The Girlie dropped a glass bowl on the kitchen floor. It shattered into many pieces. The Girlie stood there, looked at it, and then said, "Girls can't hold bowls. Bowls too hard for girls."

Both me and The Man looked at each other, thinking, where did that come from?!

When I started sweeping the kitchen floor, The Man held The Girlie in his arms and started talking to her, explaining that we all drop things sometimes. He has dropped bowls, The Kid has, mommy has. It's okay - we try not to, but when it happens, we just clean the floor up and use another dish if there's one.

He then tried explaining to her that both girls and boys can hold bowls.

Except, it... backfired a little bit :P

You see, he started explaining to her that we all do all sorts of household jobs sometimes. He asked her, "Who washes dishes in the kitchen?"

"Mommy," she answered.

"And who else washes dishes?" The Man asked.

The Girlie looked at him, thinking. "No-one," she said, confidently.

At that point, I burst out laughing. The Man grinned, looked at me and said, "Well, that just backfired..."


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