Glitter-paint. Oh joy, the joy of glitter-paint.

In the past, I'd heard other parents refer to glitter-paint as if it was the evil of the world, but I never understood why.

Now I know.

It's not the fact that glitter-paint ends up on kids' clothes and hands and furniture. All paint does. We can handle it.

It's the fact that when it dries, THE GLITTER FALLS OFF.

Jesus christ. We have glitter throughout the house. I mean, seriously, throughout the house.

The Girlie made a couple of crowns at preschool with glitter-paint and paper, and brought the crowns home. Kids played contentedly, pretending to be kings and queens.

As they played, dried glitter gradually fell off their crowns and populated our living environment, getting lodged in carpet fibres, clothes sleeves, bottoms of their slippers. From there as we went about our lives, glitter slowly travelled further until now I can find it on the inside of our car, inside underwear I pick out of the drawer in the morning, on dishes.

The other day, I made an omelette and found a piece of glitter inside the omelette.

It'll be months until our carpets don't sparkle at certain angles of daylight and there aren't pieces of it in the fridge, however I am sure The Girlie will find new things to bring home.

After all, to her, sparkle is the joy of the world, and so is glitter. Everything pink, with flowers, and glitter - SHE'S IN.

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  1. Hahaha! Glitter is the gift that keeps on giving. My daughter always seems to have it in her hair. I've given up even worrying about it being in the carpet and on the furniture and popping up everywhere! :)