A weekend away in Wanaka

I promised the kids snow this winter, but because it looked like winter's storms weren't going to be strong enough to dump it right down to the coast this year, a weekend away in Wanaka it was.

We went to a ski resort called Snow Farm, which is basically a high plateau with a "mellow" slope to it, developed into series of cross-country skiing tracks, dog sledding areas, a "fun zone" for kids to roll around in, a vehicle testing ground... maybe something else, more, but I'm not an expert on what's included :)

There were a whole plethora of dog teams this weekend, barking away and running

Afterwards, the kids were pretty... dead.

Okay, not dead, but they weren't up for much. Just cartoons on the screen, food, sleep, tired meltdowns and piling on top of their daddy whenever given a chance.

Overnight, we stayed at a farm about a 30 minute drive away in Tarras

By the time we'd met with a couple of old friends the next day, spent time at a playground and fed the eels, the kids were... done. Little one especially.

For the most of the drive home, they slept.

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