A New Zealand school choir performing Veljo Tormis

Remember two days ago I wrote about a teacher aide who said an Estonian song had been performed by a New Zealand school choir at a singing competition, and they won gold with it?

Well, we've finally tracked down the video!

Choir: Choralation (Westlake Girls' and Westlake Boys' high schools)
Competition: The Big Sing 2017
Prize: winner of A Cappella Award for the best unaccompanied work
Piece: Veljo Tormis' (an Estonian composer) "Undarmoi and Kalervoi" from Izhorian Epic (not quite in Estonian, but... oh well)

The video is available at www.facebook.com/thebigsingnz/videos/10154635887857062/

The choir gets introduced at 54:00 into the video and Veljo Tormis' piece is performed at 1:02:20.


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  1. See facebooki link ei tööta. Aga leidsin ürituse YouTube'i kanali, kus üks koor laulab ka Pärt Uusbergi Õhtul https://youtu.be/cEP69fkotcY. Eestlasena omamoodi huvitav kuulata ;) Veljo Tormise lugu: https://youtu.be/HbW_YmhJd2I ja neil on a capella lool isegi lavaline liikumine! Ja ühelt Soome heliloojalt on lausa kaks lugu. Igatahes, veetsin huvitava tunnikese. Thanks!