Working on formatting

When it takes an hour to figure out the numbers, but then another hour to figure out how to put those numbers on a paper - you know, in a way that makes sense to other people besides me, too.

Time and time again I am learning that it takes time to bloody format the thing. To sit there, play with the layout, then show it to The Man who goes, "What!?"

Then re-format again.


Then sit down with The Man again until, eventually, it becomes semi-understandable what I am trying to do on the paper.

Our teacher has said to us many times that as a quantity surveyor - unless we are working independently in a one-man company - it's important that we work in a way that makes it understandable to people around us. If we take a day off, ill, or go on a holiday - it has to be possible for another quantity surveyor to sit behind our desk and not have to mutter, wtf, as they look at our computer screen. Everything has to be 'follow-able' for people not familiar with the project.

And it takes time. And effort.

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