Why don't they just get a remote?

Another law class.

We talk about the New Zealand parliament and the lecturer explains how, in order to vote, parliament members, literally, have to stand up from their seats and walk into a 'yes' room or a 'no' room for their vote to be counted. (The rooms aren't actually called 'yes' rooms and 'no' rooms, but for simplicity's sake, that's what I'll call them here.) (Because you'll probably laugh, but in reality the rooms are called 'Aye' and 'No'. Not joking!) Then doors are shut and someone counts how many people are in either room and that's how they know how many people voted for either side.

I raise my hand and ask the lecturer, why don't they just get some sort of a remote where they can push a button, boing!, and vote?

And the lecturer replies that honestly, he does not know. Tradition, probably.

I raise my hand again. But why? What's the reason behind sticking with tradition for just tradition's sake?

And we get into a discussion about traditions in general - not just in parliament, but in general.

He says, for example, that for years there has been a text ready for a New Zealand constitution - but it will not, in all likelihood, be brought in for many, many, many more years because sticking with tradition is easier than change.

Like, if someone did bring up a topic of a New Zealand constitution then Maoris would probably very quickly point out that they were the original settlers of the land - but then someone else would point out how, going by population size, there are now more Chinese in the country than there are Maoris; and on it would go, a very challenging, opinionated topic...

...so it's easier to just stick with what's now, and not change.

And so, to this day, New Zealand parliamentarians continue to stand up from their seats, hurriedly walk into a room before doors are shut, and let their heads to be counted, in order to vote.


PS. On another topic: we got a heat pump installed today!!! And on Friday we get underfloor insulation :). Yay!

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