Villa versus bungalow

Man! I'm halfway into school holidays and still I am trying to catch up on schoolwork!

Another assignment, another evening.

Today I learned what the difference is between a 'villa' and a 'bungalow'.

For example, the house I am living in now (built in 1925) is a bungalow, but the house we were renting in Ness street (built in 1914) was a villa.

I learned that a 'villa' is basically a pre-World War I type of a residential building where a long hallway ran through the middle, and rooms would go off it. Rooms were not oriented with the sun, joinery was cold and drafty, ceilings high. This article gives a good overview.

Then, as life became less formal and buildings started to gradually make more 'sense' to the way we use them now (lower ceilings, indoor plumbing and sewage, orientation towards the sun, car access etc) bungalows appeared after World War I.

Our house, the one we are in now, is a pretty good example of a bungalow, actually. It's been modified over the years, yes - but it still has a lot of the features retained. And sure, we are still looking at a long time of work ahead of us, but... we'll get there.

It's got good bones :).

Minus the brown mould under the floor where there isn't enough clearance to put in either polyethylene nor insulation at the moment and we'll have to really work around to get it working well but... let's not go there, yeah? :)

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