Things I like about Moana

I like that Moana is the first full-feature animation - that I can think of - that includes and presents Polynesian culture not as a token gesture but in a way that looks like a real, honest effort at creating a great movie.

And I think it is - a great movie.

I like that characters have believable proportions. Women actually seem to have space for ribs in their chests!

I like that songs are partially-translated to English, both for giving me an insight into what they're about - I can understand English - and for keeping some of the lyrics in the original language, Tokelauan I think, to give the story its setting.

I like that songs are catchy. My kids are now going around, singing, "Aue, aue!"

I like that they got Jemaine Clement to play the crazy crab. (Flight of the Conchords, anyone?)

I like that the story is complex enough for me to be interested in, but follow-able enough that my kids can sit the whole way through, too.

And to sum it up, I just like it. I like the movie.


  1. Meile ka väga meeldis! Lihtsalt kuidagi ilus multikas :) Vaatasin ise ka hea meelega.

  2. Mulle meeldis see, et ka eestikeelsetes lauludes on ära tõlgitud ainult inglisekeelne osa. Me laps armastab sed multikat - nii tore on kuulata, kuidas ta seda originaalkeelt kaasa laulab (me oleme seda kuulanud vist vähemalt 200 korda - ja eestikeelne DVD tuli välja alles juuni keskel....).