Taking long to finish homework

The lecturer has already said to me that the way I am doing my assignments, I could actually get away with much, much less - not that I'd want to.

We've sometimes discussed with classmates how long it's taken anyone to do their homework. I am consistently up there: six, seven hours compared to someone's two or three. Pretty much every time it goes like this: I spend way more time on my homework than quite a few other people.

But... I read until I understand what texts say, and I edit until I am happy with what I've written.

Like now: I got given a schedule of quantities to buy - basically, a list of materials a house is made of, and I have to go calculate what it'll cost to get them all - and I got stuck on one 100 mm x 100 mm type of timber.

The assignment asked that I buy 7 metres of 100x100 timber for interior wall framing. It had to be Radiata Pine, treated to H1 level, but... the price list did not have such timber. It only had 100x100 treated to H4, way more than is necessary for wall framing, and it was rough sawn.

I did not want rough sawn. I wanted "nice" timber to frame the house with.

I thought to myself. Thought for a while.

Then I went and looked at what other people have done in their homework - we sometimes exchange our assignment sheets so that when we're stuck, we can try figuring out what to do by looking at what other people have done.

The other people have used rough sawn timber - exactly what I didn't want to do.

And now, although it deviates from my assignment (which was, to rely on the paperwork supplied), I wrote up a note for my teacher saying, look, they don't stock 100x100 H1 pine, but what I've done is this: for interior posts I've used instead two lots of 100x50 timber which, if connected up, are equivalent to one 100x100.

And, yeah, it's taken me longer to get there - and I probably would've passed even if I'd written down the price of that rough-sawn timber instead.

But the thing is: I wouldn't have learned as much.

Although I am one who usually takes the longest to finish homework, I am one of the first to finish any in-class tests.

And I think it's precisely because of that.

I sit and spend time at home, and then during tests, I don't have to any more.

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