Still working on it

Sorry, I've got some hard language coming up but...

oh my f*cking god I am still doing it!

STILL doing schoolwork. From bloody last term! And it's already new term. It's new term, The Kid is back to school, I am back to school, and I am STILL TRYING TO CATCH UP ON SCHOOLWORK FROM LAST TERM!!!


I was swearing at the assignment of fibre cement, even writing a foreword for my teacher, saying that “fibre” part of fibre cement can mean a wide, wide, wide variety of materials. It can be cellulose, carbon, kevlar, polypropylene, polyvinyl alcohol, polyacrylnitril, ceramic, glass etc. They all act differently, and yet I am tasked with writing an assignment on fibre cement in general.

With clay bricks it was easier, but I was tired, so it took me 4 evenings, about 1.5 hours each.

Now I did an assignment on sealants and I kid you not, I spent about half the time tracking down photos of the f*ckin' failures! Because I could write it up neatly what sealants do when applied in too much heat, or how silicone won't bind with silicone, or how sealant can chalk when organic compounds leech out over time - but I nearly pulled at my hair trying to find photos of what those situations look like. (A compulsory requirement.)

And, bang!, that was 2 weeks of school holidays gone. 2 weeks, about 10 evenings worth of sitting behind a computer, typing, and I did three assignments.

Which means I have one more left.






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