Not wanting to be a lawyer

Today I started attending a building law class.

By no means meant as an offense to the tutor, the class reminded me of why I didn't pursue my undergraduate law degree when I graduated 9 years ago...

I mean, we're a world away, in a different legal system, yet the lecture was... very much the same as what I remember most of them being in Estonia: dry, at times confusing, hippety-hopp from one legal concept to another.

It'll probably get better once we get into actual building law - at the moment we're covering basic topics such as rule of law, common law, history - but still, I'm glad I'm not doing it for, you know, a living.

Because if I did... Ehh.

Man I wouldn't want to be a lawyer.

PS. We got a delivery of swampwood (totara and rimu dug out of a swamp and dried) firewood.

The Kid looked at the pile and exclaimed, "Holy heck!" I said to him, like The Man had tried to teach him a day earlier, "Hey, maybe you could say golly gosh instead?" (Yeah, I know, it's a very... uhm... British saying, golly gosh, but The Man did it, so I was trying to show The Kid some consistency.)

The Kid frowned and replied, "Nah, that not good enough." And then looking at the pile again, "HOLY HECK!"

PPS. I just have to wait until The Girlie's gonna come out with expressions she's picked up from people around her. I'm gonna have a field day with her, I think!

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