I am sure it was audible, me pulling into the parking lot of our supermarket in the car.

The only question is, which part: whether it was 'Why Georgia' blaring on the speakers or me singing out loud.



  1. Hi Maria! It's Tammy {from Skagway}, err, WI. I absolutely LOVE 'Why Georgia!' :) Life has finally slowed down enough over here that I was able to find some time and I stumbled across your incredible blog from an old email. Right now the 3 yo is watching Little Einsteins and the 11 yo is folding laundry so I am getting a minute to myself!! :) I miss you and I'm glad I found you. Will be in touch again soon. If the 3 yo ends up in 3 yo Montessori kindergarten I might even find time to put pen to paper! Loves!

    1. Hello my friend! I've been thinking about you... Partially because your e-mail keeps sending me weird spam messages :), I don't even know if you use that one any more, but either way it gives me the opportunity to see your name pop up in my mailbox every couple of weeks and then I think, oh, I wonder how Tammy's doing.

      I'll try e-mailing you.