Have you done genetic testing?

Have any of you done genetic testing through 23andMe? Or any other company?

What did you think?


  1. did 23andme. it was fun, but it got properly fun once I had half my family do it as well - first of all, as a woman, you need your brother's (or father's) data to get your paternal haplogroup, secondly it's fun to see what genes you share and what's different.

    all in all, would recommend. not sure about usefulness, but very interesting, lots of data to browse. the ready-made reports used to be better before the UX overhaul IMHO, but you can now see raw data which can come in handy.

    1. Did you ask for health markers, too? Ie Alzheimer's risk, Parkinson's risk etc?

    2. I did, yes.

      However, now that they've changed their reporting and UI, I can't find that information any more. Doesn't really matter because I remember how it looked like but... I liked the old UI better and can't find a lot of stuff that I used to be able to see:(