Worth watching and listening

Yesterday I listened to Kim Hill's interview with Marcelo Rodriguez Ferrere and if you guys have access to the content (do you? Especially guys reading this from Estonia and Europe - have you got access to Kim Hill's interviews on Radio NZ National?), I suggest it.


Yesterday I watched How to Die in Oregon and... I recommend it. It's available for free on internet, try googling.

I've written before about the reasons I support legalising of euthanasia, and have followed closely the discussion surrounding the case of Lecretia Seales. I hope - and believe - that it'll be available to me when - and if - I ever need it.

I don't now, but if I ever do, I hope it'll be there; just like I hope that if people close to me are ever in the unfortunate position to have to need it, it'll be there for them.

It's about compassion and understanding.


PS. Air NZ has a sale on for Christchurch-London-Christchurch tickets at $1,799 NZD.

Looks like we're hunting down dates for next year.


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