This child..

This morning I found The Girlie inside a backpack that was hanging on a hook in the hallway.


The Girlie: "MOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!"
Me: "What's up?"
- "My thumb is hurting!!!!!!!"
- "Oh no, how did that happen?"
- "A crocodile bite me!"
- "A crocodile bit you..."
- "Yes! I went to monster school and I saw crocodile and crocodile bite me!"

(proceeds to throw herself on the floor, wailing)

Moments like this, I just kind of stand there and grin.


  1. Haha. I hope she didn't sleep there through the night.

    1. Oh, no - not, literally, first thing in the morning :). It was more like before school, I was packing stuff, the kids were playing, and then at one point I see: hah, there's a child inside a backpack that's hanging on the hook. Lovely.