When the men are gone

I realised today that I live in rural New Zealand.

I mean... I kinda knew that. Already.

But: today I really understood that I live in rural New Zealand.

Because check this out: on Saturdays I work at The Batch which I think is the coolest, tastiest place to eat out in Invercargill. The food is real, the people nice, the place is packed a lot of the time - and today, for some reason, there were very few men.

I mean: even the boss wasn't there today.

There were still many people eating out, so it's not like it was an overall quiet day, but the thing was: the customers were exceedingly female, noticeably so.

And then it dawned on me: the duck shooting season started yesterday.


Try seeing that happen, Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch. This place may call itself a regional center and by many accounts, it is - Invercargill is the place where people can do their decent shopping, and fly in and out of, and deal with all sorts of paperwork. It's the regional capital of Southern New Zealand.

But still: the day the duck shooting season starts, the men are gone.


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  1. Meie saarel on nii, et kui jahihooaeg algab siis tuleb mehi mandrilt juurde :)