When contract administration is not fun

The teacher was giving out new assignments for our contract administration class - the one where we go through a fictional tender process and write up letters, reports, tender documents and such - and the boys asked in a grumbling tone how many more of these we need to write before we're done with it.

We're at number 7 at the moment, and in total there's 10.

The boys continued grumbling over how tedious such a process is and asked if we'd ever have to use this material again, after we pass the class. They wanted to know if there was, maybe, a kind of a "follow-up" class where we have to use this material as a base and build from that.

The teacher said no - once we're done, we're done. There will be no more classes that have to do with contract administration after this one's finished.

So we can burn the stuff? the boys quipped with excitement.

If you... want to, the teacher replied.

I watched the exchange and thought to myself... why?

Because if anything, I am getting myself several copies of this stuff, rather than burning it. The way I see it, the class basically builds up my experience with the sort of paperwork I'd have to deal with in real life, and then equips me with actual examples of it, too, so I'm not inventing a wheel when someone asks me to put up a tender for them, or whatever.

I was thinking, so, why exactly are they studying quantity surveying then? That if they don't want to deal with contracts - and I can understand that, because following up paragraphs in a New Zealand Standard 3910:2013 is not my favorite pastime either - what, exactly, are they thinking of doing in terms of work, if they don't want to deal with contracts at all?

But alright, I'll go back to writing up a report on the climatic conditions in a Heilongjiang province of China (yeah, you read that right!) and how that affects the types of roof guttering.

Fun times.