I'm laughing right now

Edited to add 2: guys, if anyone else is interested in coming here and telling me - anonymously - that I need to deal with my kids more, or that I am not doing a good enough of a job as a parent, or simply exasperate over the sort of kids I have, then - go bug someone else today. I've already deleted some of the comments, and I can bloody well delete some more.

I'm happy to see constructive criticism, especially if a person is actually interested in putting some sort of a name to their comment!, but if all you want to do is to come here and go, "Geesh, what sort of kids do you have?" or, "You need to parent them more," then go have a nice day somewhere else instead please. Cheers!


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9gag: Dad Of 4 Girls Tweets Conversations With His Daughters, Proves Parenting Is Fun


Edited to add: which reminds me, in the kids' bedroom we have a two-storey bunkbed, except we have taken off the ladder (so we wouldn't have a certain two-year-old climbing there and jumping off it, like she does with so many other things in Invercargill) and have stashed the ladder UNDER the bunkbed.

One day, The Man found our kids playing with beads on the floor. He asked them where they got the beads from, and they answered that they were on the top bunk (which is correct - I assumed it was a kid-safe zone, so I'd dropped them off there) and when he asked them how did they get them off the top bunk, they said they had used the ladder.

The Man didn't believe them. He figured, it takes a lot of effort to take the ladder from under the bed, set it up to climb up, then stash it under the bed again so everything looks good again. They must be making this up, he figured.

Except... I don't think they are.

Yesterday I found The Girlie in my bedroom, with the wooden ladder set up against the wall and she was on the ladder, re-setting the light and the ventilation switch.

And please remember: she must've brought the ladder from her bedroom, set it up in my bedroom, quietly and all within about two minutes.

I told The Man about it and he went, oh my god, THEY WEREN'T JOKING!!!

I was, like, joking about what?

And so he told me about the beads, and now I've changed the way in which we store the ladder.


  1. No Sina ju: 9.korruse aknalaual avatud akna avas, "aga ma ju vaatasin, kas X juba tuleb". Võisid olla sama vana, aga ronimiskunst oli selge.

  2. Pane redel voodi külge ja õpeta lastele, et hüpata ei tohi. Meil oli sama deal, aga kahene hakkas ülemisele narile ronima ilma redelita. Ahvipärdik:) Samas reeglid suutis ära õppida; pidin valvama ainult siis, kui külalisi käis.

    1. Mõtlesin su kommentaari üle eile pikalt ja nüüd on küsimused, millele vastuseid tahaks, kui sa siia tagasi satud ja mu kommentaari näed :)

      Kas sinu kahene magas seal ülemisel naril? Või ainult ronis sellele, aga magas kusagil mujal? Ja juhul kui ta seal magas, kui varakult ta seal magama hakkas? Minu kahene keerleb-pöörleb öösiti igatpidi, ja ma kardan, et kui ma ta narile magama lasen, siis sa tuleb sealt öösel miskitpidi alla, või näiteks hommikul kui ta alla hakkab ronima pärast ärkamist. Ja juhul, kui ma narile redeli külge panen, aga magada tal seal ei luba, et siis ta hakkab salaja sinna magama ronima ikkagi...

      Me abikaasaga oleme rääkinud, et kui tüdruk tundub valmis olevat selleks, siis me laseme ta sinna narile magama - aga hetkel veel ei tundu, et valmis on :P.

    2. Oi tere taas. Toepoolest, laps ei maganud yleval, seal olid manguasjad:) Lihtsalt kuna ta sinna yles nagunii ronis, redeliga voi ilma, tundus turvalisem redel kylge panna. Kui sinu omad pole veel mooda seinu ronimise kunsti ara oppinud (ega sellega enam kaua ei lahe:), peidaks vist yldse redeli ara, viiks kuhugi valja vms.

  3. Wow ikka, eriti see eelmine postitus..pmt peab lastega tegelema.