Glimpses of the past

I don't use Facebook, but people who do say they sometimes come across old posts from 1 year, 2 years, 3 years ago and it reminds them of what used to be.

I get that from Wordpress. Again, I don't actually use Wordpress, but I have an account there from years ago, so every time I comment on a friend's blog - and have to sign in through Wordpress - I end up seeing comments from years ago.

"My husband wheeled me up to NICU (in a wheelchair) and showed me how to wash my hands before entering as he’d been there for a while whilst I was recovering from surgery and couldn’t. My baby was in an incubator, feeding tube in, under blue lights, and I sat in the wheelchair just looking at him, not knowing what to do. A nurse asked, would I like to touch him?, and so she opened the incubator ‘holes’ and I stuck my hands in, slowly stroking my baby. Then after about a minute the nurse said that that’s enough now, I need to take my hands out because they have to close the flaps and make sure the incubator stays warm. And then I just sat there, in my wheelchair next to the incubator, with nothing else to do other than to look at my baby through that plastic cover. And the I was wheeled back to my room so I could try to express breastmilk (I didn’t get much). I sometimes think back to that day, the way my baby was in that plastic crate and I could only stroke him for a few minutes until I had to take my hands back out again."

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