Colouring in on an iPad

I was looking for an iPad app to keep my kids occupied.

Several reasons:

1) We are still homebound and cannot go anywhere apart from our own backyard. The Girlie is coming out of chickenpox, but The Kid is fully in it, miserable as, and with a high fever so he's not really up for playing much.

2) I have to start taking The Kid to school with me next week when he comes out of chickenpox. He doesn't have a preschool to go to any more (they don't take kids after 6) but he doesn't yet have a school to go to, either, so he needs to come with me and have something to keep him occupied whilst I study construction contracts and the likes.

Today I downloaded Tayasui Sketches to see what it's like, and, wow!, it actually works.

As in, even on 2-year-olds.

Both kids are enjoying the colouring-in functions and are quickly learning the main menus. Dexterity-wise there's still some mishaps when they try to choose a colour but press on the Help button instead (for that we have a rule that if something's off, lift your finger and call mommy. Mommy can help.)

But still: can recommend it. Tayasui Sketches.

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