A one car family

Moving to Invercargill has meant that we have become a one car family again. In Christchurch we couldn't do that: The Man needed one car to get to workplaces, I needed another one for kids, hospitals, shopping and parks.

But now we have one again, and it works. I'm still yet to see how we go through winter with its cold, rainy days, but I think we'll cope.

The financial savings are definitely there. In addition to not having to pay insurance, registration and technical warrant of fitness (and any repairs) to a car we no longer have, we are also clocking in less mileage on a car that remains ours. We're filling a petrol tank approximately every 6 weeks. Living near the city centre means a lot of things are walkable, so there are very few long trips we do: beach, parks, out-of-town friends. Everything else is mostly 5-minute journeys.

I cycle to work. The Man cycles to work.

I'm glad it works.

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  1. Reducing car usage definitely makes a difference. We've never been a 2 car family, but Dh has a motorbike for work. I've been cycling wherever I can of late and it's meant filling the car half as often.