Flowers and fruffles

An elderly lady said to me that going by the way my children are dressed, she was expecting us to be from Scandinavia somewhere, maybe Norway.

I didn't press the point that when it comes to my daughter, I have very limited say in what she's wearing. The bulk of my influence remains at the point of sale - once something's hanging in her closet, she's pretty, uhm... forceful in her choice, let's put it that way. Most of the time she's dressed in either pink or purple, and will almost never wear items that are black. Tutus, fruffles, flowers and fairies is what her staple clothing diet basically consists of.

I am making an honest effort in retaining my bargaining power over her outerwear. "You want to come to the park? Really! Good. Wear a jacket. Otherwise you can stay home." With her chin pushed forward and lips gathered into a tight bunch - to very obviously make a point, because if she had it her way she'd be wearing her pink jumper instead even if it's not warm enough - she complies, but it's really only because she's at a point where she either gets what she wants if she does things my way, or she doesn't get her thing at all, and so far I am kind of winning at the point of outerwear.

But I do see that at some point, this is going to end.

At some point she is going to catch on to the fact that when no-one else is at home - I can't actually leave her home alone, so my threat of leaving her behind is a mock. She is also going to start hiding her "unfavorable" clothes in the same manner I sometimes hide clothes I don't want her to wear. ("Oh, you want the pink t-shirt? Sorry, sweetie, I think it's probably in the wash." But when the weather is cold and I do really want her to wear something long-sleeved - which the pink flowery t-shirt isn't, and she won't put a long-sleeve on top of the pink short-sleeve because she can't see the flowers then - it works. So far.)

But if for the moment we look like we're a family from Scandinavia somewhere, I'll take it. Even if I don't take much credit for it, so to speak.


  1. Tuttav trema. Mina leidsin lahenduse. T-sark kaib nuud pikkade varukatega pluusi peale

    1. Jep - aga ta, väike päterdis, keeldub ju kampsunit peale panemast. Et kui on lemmiksärk seljas, siis peab NÄHTAV! olema. Ja noh, okei - see ei ole 100% alati nii, vahel ta nõustub kampsuniga selle peale, aga ma ei tea kunagi ette ära, kas täna on päev, kus kampsun tuleb peale, või hoopis see päev, kus kampsunit ei kanta isegi kui huuled siniseks hakkavad tõmbuma. Ja siis on lihtsam särk pessu visata ja öelda, et ohh, sorry - särk on pesus, midagi muud peab kandma...

    2. Osta talle roosa lilledega kampsun siis :)