Don't will is won't

The Girlie's English is developing rapidly. She is confidently holding conversations on a whole variety of topics - many to do with Anna and Elsa - with a whole variety of adults.

Where she hasn't yet learned the "proper" word for saying something, she comes up with her own semi-acceptable solutions.

For example, won't. She doesn't yet say "won't" when she's not about to do something. Instead, she says "don't will", as in "I don't will do that."

Reminds me when I was little and was sussing out the difference between Russian and Estonian.

Growing up in a bilingual family I went through an expected phase of mixing them a lot until they settled into two distinct languages in my head. I still remember a wet spring day when adults were laughing at me at a bus stop. I was saying to them, in Russian, that water was dripping - "voda tilkaet" - but I basically was using a core-Estonian word (tilk) and "bending" it as if it were Russian, therefore "voda tilkaet" which is neither an Estonian nor a Russian thing to say, and is a peculiar mix of the two.

I was pissed off, because I couldn't understand what their problem was. They kept repeating the word to each other and laughing and I meanwhile was standing there, thinking, what the heck!?

And it comes to my mind when my own two children are at a kitchen table playing a board game and The Kid is telling The Girlie not to do something. "Okay, I don't will!" she replies in full seriousness and I, in the background, grin.


  1. Tal on veel aega, ma mäletan, et ma olin juba 8. klassis, kui ma aru sain, et "won't" = "will not".

    Väikelaste loodavad keelelised hüpoteesid ongi reeglina loogilisemad kui täiskasvanute keel. Ma olen viimasel ajal jälginud ühe 3-aastase noormehe keelelist progressi ja näiteks laadivahelduslikkuse järele ei tunne ta mingit vajadust - lõikab nugaga tüki plastiliini ja paneb selle tigule peale.

    1. Seda teeb kohati isegi mu viieaastane..

  2. Hahaha, had a laugh at that "voda tilkaet" :D
    I find it the easiest to talk to my family members since we all use that combined Estonian-Russian language. It sounds silly but is a lot easier than talking in one language :)