Before and after - or, let's call it, "in progress"

It is not pretty when tall grass first gets hacked down, and trees trimmed back, and weeds pulled up - and especially not when it's autumn and the leaves are falling anyway, so everything is looking tired and naked and there are trailerloads upon trailerloads of greenwaste piled up in various places, waiting to be taken to the recycling plant.

But! We're getting there.

The amount of rubbish this backyard has uncovered. Golf balls, tennis balls, garden tools, ropes, a pickaxe, foam, hoses, glass, plastic containers of all sorts, half-degraded bits of a whole variety of rubbish...

I think it'll be months before we're not putting out full rubbish bins every week from the backyard alone. Probably two years until this backyard looks reasonably "finished" with the lawn grown in, greenhouse repaired and in service, foliage grown back in (at the moment the trees and the bushes where we've trimmed them back look very "exposed" due to so much of the green mass gone), maybe some garden boxes or even a playhouse?

But for the moment, it'll do. Given how much else has been going on in the last month, I'm impressed we've even got as far.

But we're getting there.

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  1. nii lopsakas oli rohi, kui ostsite ja nüüd on siis alles jäänud kulu?