What's tendering like

As part of my studies, I need to create a fictional construction company - let's call it Grace ;) - and I am going to spend the whole semester "being" that construction company and doing various projects under its name.

For example, I am going to go through a tendering process to build a library for a local high school. This company, Grace, is going to make applications and submit construction documents, and my tutor is going to "pretend" that he's the local council, and various other organisations, so I will basically have to come up with paperwork that would actually pass in the real world if this company, Grace, was an actual construction company, so I am going to not only have to produce work that is of high technical level but also present it in an official manner. Everything will have to have official letterheads, logos, contact details, printed to high quality and bound...

Immediately I came up with a mischievous plan. A friend of mine, Holly, is a talented artist in the US and she makes these gorgeous flowery illustrations that she uploads to Instagram that's recently gone private, so I can't show you those, but she does have an Etsy shop, also.

I asked Holly, would it be okay if I used one of her artworks for that "pretend company" logo? I got a real kick of imagining my tutor, as I hand him in those technical documents with architectural plans, neatly bound, with loads of numbers throughout... under a flowery girly letterhead :).

And Holly said yes, so I went to find the most girly, flowery print available.


I got stuck under another print which I really, really, really like. And do bear in mind that this is 20 minutes worth of work on MS Paint to add the name Grace, but seriously, how gorgeous is that leaf?!

Even The Man said that it looks like an attempt at an actual logo.

And it'll be cool, going through this process. I am really excited!

Never mind that the library we are "building" was finished several years ago already (I've actually approached the school asking if I could come check it out - it'd be cool to see a large building for which I have such detailed drawings available) - it's cool. It's really, really cool!

I do have one comment for my school's computer class though: for all the highly technical software that's available to me and the computers are powerful enough to run (Photoshop, Archicad, Autocad, CostX etc), do I really need to use Internet Explorer to browse the internet!?!


PS. Left my daughter colouring in the kitchen whilst I went to pack their preschool bags, came back to this.

PPS. Went to the fire station Family Day on the weekend to have fun with the kids. Ever seen a minion try to ride a scooter before? Me neither.

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  1. Internet Explorer, really? I use that once in a blue moon, it's usually just after I've redone my whole system and it's used to download Firefox!