We're here

The house is yet to be connected up to internet, so this is me on the school's wifi for 5 minutes before a lecture, but in brief, this is what we're up to.

We are entirely moved in, and the old house is empty and the keys returned to the rental agent - but that's not to say that the new house is unpacked and ready. There are still things in boxes, me and The Man are underslept and overtired, and both kids are ill with a heavy cold and look like about to come down with full-blown chicken pox.

The porch roof leaks, the kitchen is still sticky on every surface I am yet to scrub down with detergent and muscle power, and the living room smells of cat pee. The cat, by the way, is still hanging out around the house and insisting we let him in through the window, and I think, oh no you don't, mister!

There is mount Vesuvius of firewood in the middle of our back yard, waiting to be stacked into a shed, and we have pulled out *actual plants of cabbage trees* from our roof gutters which are sagging from the weight they've been bearing.

The kids are grizzly, we're all tired, the list of things that *actually need doing* - as opposed to just things that would be nice - is still long enough that we don't even need to write it down because it's kind of obvious what needs doing.

But we're here, and we're working on it, and my lecturer is here so I better put down my iPad and start working on contract administration :)

Photos to come.

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