Theatric flair with pink tutus

I don't know if your children are also prone to this disposition, but my two-year-old, when she feels a terrible injustice done to her - for example, when I ask that she put pants on but she would rather go outside in her Anna & Elsa undies so she can show them to passersby (true story! She drags down her pants and goes, "Look, look! My undies!") - she throws herself on the floor with theatric flair and proceeds to scream, "I can't. I caaaaan't!!! Waaaaaaaaah! I can't!"

Well, a couple of days ago I asked myself if I am a terrible parent for doing it, but she was sitting on her chair in the kitchen and I said to her that she needed to finish her porridge before we put a cartoon on. Disagreeing with me, she did the same throw-herself-down-with-theatric-flair move - except, she was still sitting on the chair behind the kitchen table as she did so.

...which basically means that she threw herself off the chair, head first, onto the kitchen floor and then proceeded to scream with genuine pain and hurt. And as much as there was genuine comfort in me as I cuddled her on that kitchen floor, I also kept smirking because, man!, this kid is funny.

Am I a terrible parent for smirking? Maybe. But, man!, this kid is funny.

PS. Ever needed to go outside on time but your two-year-old is insisting on choosing the exact right pair of undies? (She has a whole box of them.) And then arguing on which t-shirt to wear? (She always wants the bright pink short sleeve with flowers, but I insist that when it's cold outside we wear long sleeves.) And then I'm sitting there, repeating to myself, "I am a patient person, I am a patient person, I am a patient person..."

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  1. Yes, the undies problem is familiar - we had it even worse because i was stupid enough to by one of those Monday to Sunday sets... And it took my daughter about a week to figure out that they should go in specific order..Geezsh, i was sooo happy when shw grew out of them finally and we could give those away...