Welcome to parenthood

I dedicate this post to all the people who are thinking of having children.


It was about 3:30 PM when me and The Man woke from our leisurely Sunday nap and I thought to myself, what an ideal day for napping. Hot and humid, it had been well deserved by all.

I felt awesome.

Somewhere in the other room, we could hear The Kid tinkering away with something, playing quietly on his own, and I said to The Man, isn't it cool to have children old enough that when they wake up from their nap, rather than scream out, "Mom! Dad!" they keep themselves busy so that their parents can have time to wake up too.

The Man agreed. The Kid is such a wonderful kid, after all, and it did feel awesome to be able to lay in bed and come to it, gradually.

Eventually, we got up from the bed though and The Man started walking down the hallway towards the toilet so he could empty his bladder.

And that's when I heard it.

"Dear gods!?" The Man shouted from down the hallway somewhere, "What are you doing!?" and I thought to myself, man, this oughta be good. I walked down the hallway, too, and looked around expectantly.

And then I saw it.

This quiet "tinkering" The Kid had been keeping himself occupied with had, in fact, been The Man's bike in the laundry room. The Kid had taken off the bike's chain, had spread black oil around his face and his forearms, there was oil on the door and the walls, gritty oil spread around the floor.

We marched him in the bathroom and started cleaning him up, but mind you: The Kid has both legs in a cast at the moment. He is not allowed to get wet. 

And so imagine me, and The Man, cleaning him up with wet wipes and water, and shower gel.

It was a two-man job, and it took a while.


Once it was all done I said to The Man, hey, do you also find it amusing how we'd been talking in the bed how wonderful it is to have kids who are old enough to go play on their own when they wake up, and meanwhile, he'd been doing this.


Kids are awesome.

So totally, totally awesome.


  1. Hope you also managed to get it off the room he was doing it in!