That sneaky little urchin

The Man has a pair of socks with colourful prints on them.

I guess The Girlie likes them, because today I found them stashed away in The Girlie's sock drawer.


I put The Girlie's purple pants in the laundry basket, ready to be washed tomorrow.

I guess she disagreed with it, because about ten minutes later, as I was looking through her wardrobe, I found... her purple pants neatly put away on the pants shelf.


And don't even get me started on the screaming she does when I take off her pink dress and try putting it in the washing machine. "NOOOOOOOO!" she screams bloody murder, trying to rip the dress away from me, and I have to explain, yet again, that she cannot wear that same pink dress all the time. We wash clothes occasionally, I say to her, it'll be nice and clean again in a day or two.

But no. "NOOOOOO!" she continues screaming, "I wanna wear it!!! I WANNA WEAR IT NOW!!!"


When people see us and say to The Girlie, "Oh, you look so much like your mummy!" I get a little grin on my face and think to myself, yeah, sounds about right.

Grandmothers, love your granddaughters, because they'll revenge your daughters - as one of my mom's friends used to say.

I think she's doing pretty well at the moment. I mean, I'm not keeping score, but... there's definitely my genes in that thing, given the stories that have been told about my childhood, and the stuff that she does now.


These are probably the four most used words in her vocabulary, and she's got a pretty extensive vocabulary given her age, by the way.

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