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I cannot comment on Melissa's post Raising Kiwi Boys - The Good, The Bad and The Muddy since I haven't got a Facebook account. But! If I did, I'd say this:

Nix would either get along really well, or REALLY not get along, with my daughter. The loud, exasperatingly independent, talkative and stubborn little monkey who both makes me want to cry sometimes and at other times gives the most wonderful hugs... until she runs off on another adventure, ready to spill things on the carpet, rip wallpaper off walls, pick dirt out of plant pots, feed Lego blocks to our dog and just, generally, impose destruction. Except, whilst doing that she will wear pink tutu skirts and will occasionally go kiss her toys, saying to them loudly, "I love you!" A fascinating character, basically, and amen! to having a child like that second - because if I'd had her first, I'm not sure I would've had another one.

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