Christchurch's wildfires

In 2012-2014 I lived in Gebbies Pass near Christchurch and was well aware of the fire danger around the area. It's something we discussed several times with our neighbours, knowing that living uphill (on a steep slope) from an overgrown patch of pine forest meant that if there was a fire and the forest caught ablaze, the houses would probably go, too.

What the place looked like during a wet spring, with everything green.

On one occasion where there was a fire a few kilometres away and we woke in the morning to a smoky haze surrounding the house, we actually started quickly packing up, ready to leave, before confirming that the smoke was from far, far away.

Incidentally, the second place I lived in Christchurch in 2014-2016 was Cracroft, a small valley suburb in the bottom of the Port Hills.

A lot of you probably know where I am going with this.

Christchurch's Port Hills are currently on fire and it feels eerie to me that as I am scrolling through the photos on the news website, I actually know some of the people on them. Worsleys Road was part of our suburb, I know some of its residents, and so both places that I used to live in, in Christchurch, are closely connected to the current wildfires, making me very... emphatic, I guess, towards what's going on. (In fact, if I were still living in Cracroft, our house would be within the evacuation zone, meaning, I'd very likely be lodging with some friends or maybe at a motel at the moment.)

Not that there's much I can do from where I am sitting at the moment, in Invercargill, behind my kitchen table though.

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  1. The fires are finally officially "under control", was scary watching them burn down the hill from our place. We didn't get evacuated, but friends did. Too many people lost their houses. I'm really hoping it wasn't the result of arson, bad enough if it's a natural thing, worse if it's caused by a person on purpose.