Almost there

The part of the house buying process where money is starting to leave bank accounts. Today about $1,000 went for the home insurance, next week about $1,400 is going to go to a lawyer. There are retirement funds we are going to empty to pay for this privilege, and savings accounts we've already moved over to checking so we can access the money.

By the time all is said and done I expect there will be less than $5,000 to our bank accounts, but we'll have a home, and a very manageable mortgage on a more than 20% deposit, so we're just going for it, full steam, and one day I will be able to pronounce, "We've bought a house!"

But until then, I don't dare say it. I won't say, "We've bought a house!" until my name is on that property title, and all of this is over, even if on the fence of that house already hangs a large sign, SOLD!

Because even now, it's still not straightforward. I needed to sign the insurance contract today before we could proceed to buying, but insurance wouldn't give out a contract to more than 30 days ahead of time - and our timeline is 35.

But I couldn't wait. There is another person wanting to buy the same house, and if I wait any more days, our offer is going to expire and theirs is going to win, so I just said to the insurance, fine, we're doing 30! and they ran it past some of their supervisors, and agreed to go ahead - essentially giving out an insurance contract on a house I won't know for sure I will have in 30 days yet - and now I am waiting to hear back from the seller's end if they would move the date closer, because once timelines are given to retirement funds for withdrawals, dates cannot be changed, they're set.

As in, set.

And, basically, one day we are going to have a house.

But not yet.


Wow this thing is more involving than I expected.

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