Nop, no go

Today two builders looked through 165 Bowmont street we were considering buying - you know, that house - and it's confirmed: we are not buying it. The internal wooden structure and piles are so rotten that the house doesn't, probably, even have more than 10 years left to live as it is now.

It's both a relief (it is finally confirmed and I am not sitting in house buying limbo-land!) and a nod to myself that, Maria, continue househunting. It is such a wonderful experience, isn't it, buying houses. Such a wonderful experience! 



  1. It is wonderful though that you share this experience. Thank you :)
    We haven't got round to buying a house yet, but we have had similar experiences buying cars.
    All those stages....
    Neverending hunting
    Finding a suitable "candidate"
    Almost-falling-in-love and imagining yourself as an owner.
    Having plans and financing almost in place...
    And then before finalising the deal, having a mechanic (or two) take a look....
    Aaaaaaand starting all over again.
    Yup. Such a wonderful experience!

  2. Better to know now, bummer for the owners now and in the future though.