Almost there

It's that feeling of having the house buying process almost done. The mortgage is set up - the bank's said yes. The insurance is set up - they've said yes. Even the builders have said yes - the house is good to go. 

It's that feeling of, on one hand, starting to get a tingling feeling of wanting to share the news, to send a text message to a friend in Christchurch and say, "Hey, want to check out this house we're buying??" but, on the other hand, still not wanting to jinx it. At least three times I've opened up an e-mail to send to that friend in Christchurch, and three times I've closed it down, thinking, "Come on, Maria, wait for it to actually get to the end."

And guess what - in the last stages of paperwork when we are, literally, within days of signing the papers a property investor shows up who wants to buy the house outright, in cash. They don't want to deal with any mortgages or tests or whatever - they are offering the buyer a chunk of cash, ready to go, and I am thinking, oh no you don't.

Or, actually... it's more like, please, please don't.

Luckily, the real estate agent is on our side. And, luckily, we legally have another few days of protection whilst we are waiting on the council to release what they call a Land Information Memorandum so we can check that the house is all good on council records, too.

And I'm thinking, yeah, sure, house hunting is exciting, I know that.

But it's also a load of bollocks, and don't even get me started on the party I am going to throw inside my head when the papers are, finally, signed.

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