How do we fix antibiotics?

I turned on the radio in the car and very quickly had to ask the kids to stay quiet for a while because the programme they were playing was absolutely fascinating. 

It was about antibiotics. They were talking about gathering saliva samples from Komodo dragons, about getting sloths off trees in the rainforest to see if they can find new antibiotics, about drastically reducing weight gain promoting antibiotic usage in Holland...

Just fascinating. Absolutely fascinating!

I couldn't listen to it in its entirety though, I had to get out of the car to go shopping.

Then I came home and just about cried because turned out, the audio wasn't available on Radio New Zealand's website so I wasn't going to be able to re-listen to the lot. It was one of those BBC programmes Radio New Zealand sometimes plays, and from experience I knew I'd have a lot of trouble getting access to it from New Zealand because as soon as I'd try opening the website it'd say, "Sorry, the audio you are requesting is only available to listeners from UK."

Or something along those lines.

But then, heureka! It's available :). It's freely available!
The Inquiry: How do we fix antibiotics?

I strongly recommend having a listen. It's good stuff!

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