A weekend in Wanaka

Seven years ago, four people flatted together in Wanaka's Matai road.

One was Dutch, one was Australian, one was British and one was Estonian.

Our Christmas dinner 2009

In seven years since, between them they've had three children, have moved houses twelve times and countries twice, have bought two Labrador retrievers, have got married and attended other's weddings, have saved towards houses and applied for mortgages, and have aged considerably.

Which is not surprising as between them, they have three preschool-aged children and all know how difficult many things become once children are involved. All four have bags under their eyes on many mornings.

But somehow through all that, they've kept in touch.

On the weekend a whirlwind trip to Wanaka was made to see each other in person before another international move takes them thousands of kilometres apart.

It was fun, and incredibly tiresome. Both me and The Man feel like collapsing into bed tonight.

But, man!, I am glad we made the trip. So, so glad.

Checking out the land where one day their house will stand.

A windy morning at Lake Hawea


  1. Tore nädalavahetus oli teil! Ma ka niiiiiiiiiiii tahaks, aga

  2. Tegelikult tahaks teiega koos, aga