Now we're talking!

I spoke to SIT - our local polytech - today and asked if they'd be willing to let me do a few classes next year, rather than do EVERYTHING in 2018 like the plan is at the moment, to which they said... yeah, probably can work something out :)

And I'm, like, yeaaaaaaah baby!!!

Basically: because The Kid is starting school next year and I want to be able to support him, then I won't go to school next year yet and will wait a year before I start school.

However, if this afternoon's meeting with SIT's tutors and their programme manager goes well, they will allow me to take one or two classes part-time, next year, which will mean both that 1) I will have something to do next year and 2) I won't have as much to do the year after that.

Win, win!

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