Is it over yet?

I do not live in the US and have tried to steer clear of a lot of the election coverage where a lot of hate has been spilled this year.

And yet today I keep finding myself popping onto the computer, seeing the votes come in. I've felt marginally sick to my stomach most of the day, waiting with bated breath. It is upsetting how involved I am feeling. And how uncomfortable with the prospect that... you know.

In New Zealand today there is a lotto draw where over 40 million will be doled out - it's a must-be-won scenario - and yet I see almost no coverage of that, unlike last time it happened. Instead, it's live coverage of the US elections on the radio and probably something similar on TV.

As much as it's an American election, I feel like its result will affect me, and I don't like that.


  1. It feels to me I don't have even slightest bit of energy to process all this BS (Brexit results, Trump winning) any more...My brain goes just like wtf, how is all that possible :/