Haven't done much today

I was changing the bedsheets this morning and it occurred to me that when kids were smaller I viewed changing the bedsheets as a genuine accomplishment. Getting it done - especially if in one go and without interruptions! - was a big deal to me.

Now, as I've changed a lot more bedsheets and have got more experienced in what time of the day to do it so I wouldn't get interrupted, nagged on, or not tired enough to be irritable by people climbing on the bed and messing it all up again, I've ceased viewing it as an accomplishment and instead, see it as a routine, gotta-be-done part of my day like brushing my teeth in the morning.

Which reminds me: in the first few months of my children's lives I viewed brushing teeth in the morning as an accomplishment also.

But it also occurred to me that it hasn't actually become any smaller of a task - it still requires time and effort, except now, after I've changed the bedsheets but haven't had time to do much else, I leave the house thinking, "Bugger, I didn't manage to do anything today."

Which isn't true. The bedsheets are changed!

And I reminded myself to notice the amount of stuff I do each day and congratulate myself on doing it, because for all the times The Man comes home in the evenings and I tell him, "Haven't done much today," it simply. Is. Not. True.

I do a heck of a lot, every day, for getting these two monsters fed, watered, clothed and tidied takes effort, and I do it almost every day.

Time to pat myself on the back for it!

Thanks, Krislin, for the photo!


  1. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/19632948347461088/

  2. And to be honest, the kitchen on this image is way too neat. My house looks like this, when I do it. When I don't do it (what I do every day) it looks much worse :P

  3. Jah muidugi on lastega ja perega tööd palju. Täna, kui olen üksi, mõtlen tihti selle peale, kuidas jõudsin kõike teha, kui peres oli 4 inimest ja suur koer, pesumasin oli Riga (peaaegu, et käsitsipesu), ei olnud nõudepesumasinat jne. Aastat 30 pärast on ka Sinul käsil mõtted, oi, aga meil ei olnud ju lennumasinat, isevalmistavat ja -küpsetavat aparaati jne. Küllap nii ongi!!!