Two weeks in

I think, soon I'll have time to sit down. Do things.

I've got an e-mail to write to a friend who helped us get here. A letter to my kids' previous preschool, let them know how we're doing. Blog a little.

You know, do things.

But instead, it's, like... geesh.

I think I am starting to feel it this week and it doesn't help that just as I've got an upset tummy, so do my children. And I did, kind of, expect it to happen - it's a new environment after all, new bacteria, new water - but still, it's one thing to think about it ahead of time but another thing to sit behind a computer, nauseous, and hope that it'll ease soon.


Uploading some photos is easy enough though: I've got a workflow set up, resize them all to 600 pixels and up they go.

So here they are, some snapshots of the week gone past.

The Kid announced one day that he wanted to go on his "big bike". Having never successfully rode on it before, I thought, okay, let's take it easy, try. The training wheels make it a bit wobbly, it's daunting for him to sit on it. But he tried, asked that I let go and... off he went. And I was, like, whoa. And now that's it: this is what he's riding. All the time.

Spent the weekend in a beach town of Riverton. Liked it a lot! Like Raglan of the South island, to be honest, and immediately wondered if I'd ever have a beach house there. Then looked at the real estate listings and thought, bloody hell.

Unlike Tumbletimes in Christchurch, the Invercargill gym is set up for gymnasts full-time, which means that the preschoolers' sessions are in this huge, soft-padded hall, including...

...a foam pit.


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    1. Emm, ära palun kasuta laste nimesid siin :)

  2. Looks like the kids are enjoying their new town, pity about the icky tummy thing though. Hope it passes quickly.

    1. I gotta say that I appreciate you keep commen ng :). Thank you!

    2. Just cos you've moved south doesn't make us less friends, just less able to meet up. I enjoy reading about how things are going :)