"Spidey, spidey, caterpillar..."

This is why I don't let The Girlie take toys to bed. And I'm starting to get a feeling that in about 5 minutes I am going to go to The Kid's room and tell him, too, to either 1) hand over the toy, or 2) go to sleep.

Because they play with them. Like, instead of sleeping.

The Girlie, for a while now, has been asking to take toys to her room when she goes to sleep. She sets them on a shelf, covers them with a baby blanket, gives them a hug and a kiss, and waves them goodnight. Then one day when she went down for an afternoon nap, she asked to take the baby bear to bed with her, and I said okay.

Jesus. She usually sleeps about 1.5-2 hours, but that day I think it was less than an hour later that she was up, happily playing with this bear and banging it against the wall.

Now The Kid has asked to take a bunny to bed with him. I said okay.

And now I'm laying here, listening to him sing to the bunny, "Spidey, spidey, caterpillar..." and discuss various matters of the day, all whilst I'm thinking, please, PLEASE go to sleep so I can sleep, too!

They've been ill. Pretty much all week. A few days ago on the thermometer I was seeing numbers like 39.8, 39.2, 38.9, 38.5... And it probably goes without saying that preschool-aged children who are carrying 38+ fevers ARE NOT sociable creatures!

Which means that whilst I am, actually, doing really well, I'm also really, really, really wanting to get an afternoon nap and instead I am having to listen to "Spidey, spidey, caterpillar..." being sung in the room next door and I'm, like...

Please, child, please. Please go to sleep. I bet even bunny wants to have a nap!


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