Anybody care to enlighten me?

People who follow 5,000+ Instagram accounts.



  1. One Instagram account I follow has 191,000 followers :)
    (Family with 4 kids, mum is expecting kid number 5, they just have finished their trip around the world, lived before in UK but now probably going to settle in US, beautiful family, beautiful photos :)

  2. Well, I'm actually asking the other way 'round: I want to know what's the deal behind people who FOLLOW 5,000+ accounts. As in, I follow about 15 people: I see what photos they upload and what they're up to. But I've also noticed that some people follow over 5,000 accounts and I'm puzzled by it. Like, do they actually follow them? Can someone physically keep an eye on that many people? Or is it some sort of a Google ranking thing, that, I don't know, shows the interconnectedness and puts someone higher up in Google rankings...

    I understand when someone IS FOLLOWED by that many people. That's straightforward. They're popular. But people who FOLLOW OVER 5,000 OTHER PEOPLE, that's where I think, jesus. WTF?

  3. Apparently I follow 121, I think it's time for a cull as some were for competitions and there's no reason to keep following them. Most are friends though, and there's the odd person whose craft work I get inspired by