Live on RNZ Nights

I was contemplating not even uploading this link here because it is by no means a great interview but... f*ck it. Here's the link.


I found it surprisingly difficult to talk to Brian without actually seeing him. He was in a studio in Wellington, I was in a studio in Christchurch and there wasn't even a video link between us. I was sitting alone in a little room, headphones on and a microphone in front of me, and that was about it.

Brian, I think, got a little thrown by the fact that I wasn't a dogsledder and once we got into details of Alaska-Alaska-Svalbard which was quite confusing, the interview felt less like sharing stories and more like giving a historical account. Basically, somewhat awkward :)

But oh well. Live and learn :).

Thank you, Brian, for having me on the show!


  1. Väga mõnusalt räägid - ilmekalt ja parasiitsõnadeta. Kui sa podcasti teeks, ma kuulaks!

  2. Räägid toredasti! Ja äge on lõpuks Su häält kuulda :) Alustasin kunagi Su Alaska blogist ja olen Sinuga siiani jõudnud :) Edu!